Guiding Principles

Maven Hemp commits to implementing, developing and maintaining key metrics to assess the impact of the company’s Supplier Policies, Goals and Objectives initiative and to communicate the results of such impact measurement and management to stakeholders on a regular basis.

Highlights from our 2021 Supplier Code of Conduct

The provisions of this Code of Conduct set forth Maven Hemp expectations for all suppliers with whom it does business. Maven Hemp expects that these principles apply to suppliers and their employees, parent, subsidiary or affiliate entities, and subcontractors. Prospective suppliers are invited to review the specific terms and conditions of contract and procurement policies established by Maven Hemp.

The provisions as set forth in this Code of Conduct provide the minimum standards expected of suppliers to Maven Hemp.

Maven Hemp expects suppliers to strive to exceed both international and industry best practices.

Maven Hemp recognizes that reaching some of the standards established in this Code of Conduct is a dynamic rather than static process and encourages suppliers to continually improve their workplace conditions accordingly.

Impact Preference: Maven Hemp provides preference to suppliers that have clear and achievable impact outcomes related to economic, social and environmental benefit.

Environment: Maven Hemp expects its suppliers to have an effective environmental policy and to comply with existing legislation and regulations regarding the protection of the environment: Maven Hemp further expects its suppliers to maintain a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and/or minimizing their carbon emissions, dependence on fossil fuels, while prioritizing a transition to renewable energy sources. Suppliers should wherever possible support a precautionary approach to environmental matters, undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and encourage the diffusion of environmentally-friendly technologies implementing sound life-cycle practices, including technologies and solutions that further the development of a circular economy.

Sustainable Development Goals, B Corporation Certification, Agricultural Certification, Woman-owned Business: Maven Hemp hereby formally commits to prioritizing suppliers who meet some or all of the following guidelines:

That the Company’s suppliers are:

  • Working to achieve specific Sustainable Development Goals and can document progress in accordance with specific targets and indicators;
  • B Corporation certified;
  • Measure and manage their impact according to recognized third-party standards;
  • Certified organic, biodynamic or regenerative organic;
  • Woman-owned businesses;

Third-Party Verification: Maven Hemp provides preference to companies that have been formally verified for their positive social impact by an independent third-party standard, such as the B Impact Assessment.

Read Our Full Supplier Code of Conduct for 2021

Supplier Code of Conduct

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