Holistic Virtual Physical Therapy Resources brought to you by Maven Hemp in partnership with Symfit Physical Therapy and Wellness

In partnership with SymFit® Physical Therapy

We have teamed up with Todd Ball, the creator of SymFit® Fitness System and a well-renowned physical therapist. We want you to live your fullest life and access to these video resources can significantly help you get on the right path. Conditioning yourself to function from a healthy posture restores physical wellness for long term injury management and prevention.

If you have an active pain condition, please schedule a Skype consultation with Todd so you can go over the specifics and make sure SymFit® exercises are right for you.

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Power of Neutral Spine Alignment

Restoring your ability to function from neutral spine alignment is the key to treating most musculoskeletal pain conditions for complete injury management and lifelong injury prevention.


Healthy Sleeping Strategies

How you sleep can improve your ability to live a neutral spine life. This video outlines some strategies to improve your ability to sleep with your skull, rib cage and pelvis in a neutral position.


SymFit Mindfulness Routine

Why not have your mindfulness routine help you with your neutral spine conditioning. This mindfulness exercise combines neutral spine imagery with a simple breathing exercise to help you reconnect to yourself.


SymFit® 'One on One' Virtual Physical Therapy

The SymFit® Healthy Fitness System is designed to restore your ability to function from healthy posture. It combines 6 levels of neutral spine conditioning with self-correction techniques to break the faulty loading patterns that contribute to pain.


SymFit® Healthy Aging Programs

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