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We have created one of the most scientifically oriented hemp based CBD line of products in the world.

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Hemp CBD Inhalers

Discrete, fast acting and great alternative to vapes or smoking. High bioavailability means highly effective relief for many users

This pharmaceutical grade pressurized metered dose inhaler has a mild vanilla flavor and contains 50 mg of CBD per canister.



Maven Tinctures

Our tinctures come in three potencies. We offer compliant and zero THC options. We use only the finest hemp oils to compliment our CBD formulations to ensure a high end product that has the highest potential efficacy for you and your customers.

    CBD-Rich Hemp-Wrap Blunts

    Our CBD-rich hemp blunts start with high-quality cured smoking flower before they are handrolled in one of four flavored hemp blunt wraps. These unique products are tobacco-free and come in grape, citrus, mango, and natural flavors

      CBD Soft Gels

      We offer our most popular soft gels in convenient 30
      count jars. We currently offer 25mg soft gels with
      a broad-spectrum zero THC formula.