Welcome to the Intersection of Technology and Nature

We have created one of the most scientifically oriented, hemp-based CBD line of products in the world.

Armed with innovative science from Israel to Colorado and driven by the mission to help people live their best life possible, we curate & source ideal-profile American raw material for the highest quality hemp-based CBD products available.

Lab-Tested, Quality-Verified CBD

Every Maven Hemp product that you purchase has been tested by an independent lab to verify that what’s on the label is in the bottle.

Wholesale & White Label CBD

We provide bulk hemp products for your medical, dental, or chiropractic practices. If you’re a pharmacist or medical professional wishing to offer white-label hemp products to your patients, contact us today.


Quality Hemp CBD, by Design

Maven Hemp Featured Products

Cucumber Cream

Smooth cucumber scented cream made with our CBD formulations to ensure the highest efficacy with  a moisturizing feel.

Maven Tinctures

We use only the finest hemp oils to compliment our CBD formulations to ensure a high end product that has the highest potential efficacy for you and your customers.

CBD-Rich Hemp-Wrap Blunts

Our CBD-rich hemp blunts start with high-quality cured smoking flower before they are handrolled in one of four flavored hemp blunt wraps. 

Maven Hemp CBD Soft Gels

We offer our most popular soft gels in convenient 30-count jars. We currently offer 25mg soft gels with a broad-spectrum zero THC formula.

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Take the Guesswork Out of CBD Dosing

When it comes to taking CBD, one of the biggest questions is,
“How much do I take?”
That’s why Maven Hemp has partnered with GoFire
to provide our customers with:
Verifiable Ingredients

Every Maven Hemp product undergoes vigorous 3rd party lab testing to ensure you are getting what you pay for. Scan your DoseCode to see for yourself.

Precision Dosing

With the GoFire app, simply specify the reason you are consuming your Maven Hemp CBD product and GoFire will tell you exactly how much product to start with. 

Efficacy Tracking

The GoFire app enables you to keep track of how your dose affects you. Not feeling any results? Simply increase your dose incrementally to get the minimum effective dose. No more guesswork!

How it Works


Every Maven Hemp product is labeled with a DoseCode. Simply download the GoFire app, scan the code on your product, choose your health issue, learn appropriate dosing, track the efficacy of each dose and modify as needed.

Finally, gain control over your own wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp, CBD, THC and More…

It’s true. Hemp and hemp products have been around for millennia. Research into what can be achieved with hemp is relatively young though. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad information out there. So, it’s natural to have questions. The Hemp Experts at Maven Hemp have answers. Don’t see your question here?
Check out our comprehensive Maven Hemp FAQ page.

Are hemp and marijuana the same?

No. Hemp is completely different from marijuana in its function, cultivation and application. Marijuana, as it is widely known, is used for medicinal or recreational purposes. Hemp is used in a variety of other applications that marijuana couldn’t possibly be used in. These include healthy dietary supplements, skin products, clothing and accessories.

Marijuana contains many chemical compounds that create the different characteristics of the plant. Terpenes provide flavors and aromas, while chlorophyll in the leaves makes the plant green – but the most important chemicals in marijuana are the cannabinoids.

How can I know what dosage is right for me

We have partnered with Gofire, just scan the DoseCode on our product labels, and let the Gofire mobile app guide you in your dosing.

How do I know your CBD products are legal?

CBD derived from the hemp plant is legal in 47 states. If you live in Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, the laws are a bit gray. As of 2019, none of these three states are actively prosecuting people for possession on CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC.

What are cannibanoids?

Cannabidiol is one of hundreds of chemicals produced by the cannabis plant. Together, these groups of chemicals are called cannabinoids. These are usually extracted as something called cannabis oil (oftentimes misspelled as “canibus oil” or “cannabus oil”). There are over 100 cannibanoids found in cannabis plants, each with their own function and potentially-useful properties. These cannibanoids bind to our bodies’ own cannabinoid receptors.

Will I get high from CBD?

Not likely. While all people react differently to natural and synthetic drugs, CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. If you’ve heard that someone did get high from CBD, odds are the product was mislabeled or the label was misunderstood. Maven Hemp lab-verified products contain less than 0.3% THC, making it highly unlikely that you will experience any type of “high.” 

Will CBD show up in a drug test?

Maven Hemp CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, which is a minuscule amount. However, because CBD is a fat-soluble molecule, it can build up in your tissues over time and cause a positive result in a drug test. If you are concerned about failing a drug test, we do not recommend ingesting our products.

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